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Although we do repair most cameras and lenses from the 1920's to present day we have Information pages on specific equipment for repairs or servicing and cleaning.
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Camera repairs can be paid for by card
If you can't get into our shop then why not post your repair in. We can post it back to you UK & EU.
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Camera and lens repairs by Newton Ellis

Repairs to all cameras (digital and film) all formats.
We also repair lenses, camcorders, binoculars etc.

Can we help you with your camera or lens repairs?

We are an independent photographic equipment repair company established in 1948. Our workshops and reception are based in Liverpool city centre. Why not call in to see us while visiting our city's attractions and shops. Whether you have a 1940's Leica, a 1980's lens or a modern digital camera or camcorder we can repair them to a high standard. We can give you an idea of cost before any work is started if you require. If you have any questions then please contact us or just call in to our shop in Cheapside.

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Newton Ellis & Co.
29 Cheapside, Liverpool,  L2 2DY
0151 236 1391
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camera repairs
Sensor cleaning service for all DSLR cameras and compact digital cameras. See our sensor cleaning information page below.
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We sell a wide range of
binoculars and telescopes.
See our optical website.
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Large range of night vision equipment available from
Yukon and Cobra.
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We can supply insurance
estimate reports.
Please contact us for details.
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Camera and lens repair -
Our workshops can handle most repairs onsite.  When you bring or send in your equipment for repair please give as much information about the fault as possible.  Don't be afraid to say if it has been dropped - even a small drop or knock can cause big problems, especially with heavy or electronic equipment such as modern cameras.  Supply negatives or prints if they show the fault. Sand or water can also cause equipment failure, please say if you think it has been in either. 

Camera and lens repairs -
Digital cameras with spots on your photographs - Most digital cameras will suffer this problem especially DSLR's.  Dust and other debris build up on the filter in front of the CCD (sensor) and as a result show as out of focus blobs or fuzzy marks on your pictures.   Some people try to clean it themselves and cause other problems like scratching the filter or damaging the shutter blades.  We can professionally clean it for you so you know it will be done correctly.   It normally takes about 5 days to complete but we do have an express service which is 24hrs, do check with us first to book it in with us at a convenient time.  Compact digital camera can also have this problem, we can clean it for you. 

Please look around our website, contact details above if you would like any information about the company or a repair and service to you camera or lens.