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Est. 1948


We have Information pages on specific equipment for repair or servicing, please click on the pictures below in the 'Featured Services' for more detailed camera repair information.

Featured Services

Canon repairs

Canon camera repairs

Nikon repairs

Nikon camera repairs

Leica repairs

Leica repairs

Rollei repairs

Rollei repairs

Olympus repairs

Olympus repairs

Camcorder repairs

Camcorder repairs

Digital camera repair

Digital camera repairs

Sensor cleaning service

Sensor Cleaning

We offer -

A repair service to most cameras, lenses and camcorders - professional and amateur equipment.  Digital and film all formats.

Do check with us first as we are not looking at some models.


This is our final year..

Reflecting on the past 50 odd years of repairing cameras and lenses it is quite scary as it will come to an end soon.  It is mostly all we have done and as we are suppose to look forward to retiring I wonder if we could just stop and enjoy no hassle on public transport, not going out in all weathers, having to face changes in VAT and tax rules, I don't know.  We may do some repairs from our home workshops - watch this space.

Nationwide Camera and Lens repair service.

Welcome to the Newton Ellis & Co. website!

Newton Ellis & Co. is a team of professionally trained technicians servicing and repairing all types of photograph equipment - Cameras (digital and film), Lenses, Camcorders and Binoculars.  We can usually give you an idea of cost before we start any repair if you require.  We repair cameras and lenses from the 1920's to the present day digital equipment, also amateur and professional video cameras.

If you have a 1940's Leica or a 1970's SLR / lens or a modern digital DSLR camera / auto focus lens we are the people to contact.  Check out our story on Storify -

Liverpool waterfront and Pier Head by Steve McCoyLiverpool waterfront and Pier Head by Steve McCoy


Newton Ellis & Co. have been repairing cameras since 1948.  We have brought back to life many cameras, lenses and camcorders.  But as with all good things, it must come to an end.  We are hoping to close in the second half of 2024.  If you plan to send us a repair, we would suggest that you contact us first as some jobs are very time consuming.


If you would like to purchase Newton Ellis & Co. and all the websites, email addresses, goodwill, contacts and masses of spare parts and information, then please contact us by email or phone.
Serious enquiries only please.


 We would like to thank our many thousands of customers as far away as Australia over the past 75 years for their continued support as we look forward to our long-awaited retirement.


Why Newton Ellis?

We provide a repair service for most cameras and lenses from the 1920's to the latest models. You can be sure that you will receive prompt, reliable, and high-quality service at an affordable price.


Rollei 35 - 50th Anniversary.

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Why not download our booking-in form, it helps to speed things up and can be viewed and printed out in Word or WordPad.  It also has some useful posting and packing information.  Please print it out and complete the form making sure to write clear and include a contact phone number and email address.


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