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Although we do repair most cameras and lenses from the 1920's to present day we have Information pages on specific equipment for repairs or servicing and cleaning.
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Send or bring your camera for a sensor clean with a charged battery & fitted lens or body cap.

Sensor cleaning service, Digital camera repairs

Spots on your pictures?... this is very common with digital cameras.  It affects DSLR's and some compact digital cameras.  The solution is to clean the sensor and in some cases the area near it such as the focusing screens, mirror and housing box. On DSLR cameras there two main types of CCD (sensor) - the full frame sensor on cameras such as the Canon EOS 1D and 5D, Nikon D700 and D4 and the Sony Alpha A99.  The APS-C type is a reduced size sensor which is more common and in cameras such as the Canon 400D, 550D and 60D, Nikon D40, D90 and D300, Sony A350, Pentax K5, Olympus E500 and Fuji S5Pro etc. The spots usually appear as out of focus blobs especially on sky or sand, see picture of helicopter.

We offer a cleaning service for this problem.  There are two levels of cleaning we can provide -

Level 1 - cleaning of reflex mirror and sensor.

Level 2 - cleaning of external body, mirror box, reflex mirror, focusing screens and sensor.


 A typical picture with the
 tell tale out of focus blobs  shows that the sensor (CCD)  needs cleaning.

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Two main types of sensors (CCD's). On the left is the APS-C type CCD and on the
right is a full frame sensor.

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